Security Conversations

A cybersecurity podcast series by Ryan Naraine

About the show

Security Conversations is a cybersecurity podcast series curated by journalist and security strategist Ryan Naraine. These conversations with security practitioners cover a wide range of topics, including threat intelligence, zero trust, securing cloud deployments, penetration testing, bug bounties, advancements in offensive research and targeted threat activity.

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Disclosure: Ryan is a security strategist at Intel Corp. Ryan produces this podcast in his personal capacity and the views and opinions expressed in these recordings do not necessarily reflect the positions and views of Intel Corp. or any of its subsidiaries.


  • Katie Moussouris, co-founder and CEO, Luta Security

    December 6th, 2017  |  52 mins 54 secs
    bugbounties, patching, pentesting, red-teaming, threat-modeling

    Computer security researcher and CEO of Luta Security, Katie Moussouris. talks about her life in the penetration testing trenches, advocating responsible security research, building bug bounty programs and the challenges of succeeding as a woman in the industry.