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About Security Conversations

Disclosure: Ryan Naraine is a security strategist at Intel Corp. Ryan produces this podcast in his personal capacity and the views and opinions expressed in these recordings do not necessarily reflect the positions and views of intel Corp. or any of its subsidiaries.

Security Conversations is a cybersecurity podcast series curated by Ryan Naraine. The show is professionally produced and features interviews with Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), software engineers, researchers and security industry newsmakers.

The conversations on the podcast cover a wide range of top-of-mind issues, including threat intelligence, cloud security, zero-trust, Internet of Things, advanced malware attacks. On the show, CISOs and defenders in the trenches share ideas on managing risk and choosing the best solutions to protect enterprise networks.

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Ryan Naraine is a storyteller with more than 20 years experience in information security. He covers the intersection of technology, privacy and security. In a past life, he worked as an award-winning security journalist in several newsrooms, with bylines in eWEEK, PC Magazine, ZDNet, SecurityWeek, and ThreatPost.


“One of my new favorite podcasts. One-on-one discussions, no marketing, no buzzwords, just pure security insights and thoughts from those out there actually doing things. Definitely worth adding to your cycle.” - Erik Bloch, Security Director, Salesforce

“What an absolute treat. These are interviews with some of my favourite security researchers. If you haven’t yet subscribed to Ryan Naraine’s Security Conversations podcast, you are missing out on some great interviews.” - Haroon Meer, Thinkst Canary

"I am an avid listener of Ryan's podcast! He has the experience and network to have meaningful conversations with decision makers and security tinkerers. I listen to every episode" - William Lin, Forgepoint Capital